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What is Tagget?

Tagget Worlds 1st 5-in-1 Marketing App for AUTOMATING Phone Calls, SMS, Emails. Tagget is an amazing customer engagement software that meets the demands of today’s online businesses where personal contact is restricted. You are able to interact through calls, SMS, and email immediately and engage with your customers, capture leads and keep the data and analytics all on one platform. This is a must-have customer service software.

List the Steps In Using The Product
• Lead Capture
• A Phone #- WOW!
• Broadcast- SMS-Email-Voicemail
• Customized Call Processing
• Dashboard
• Widget
• Event Triggers
• The list continues….

​Get Tagget + My Bonuses – https://tagget.live/?aid=1340045

I am impressed with the scope of the offering.. and what I would consider being the limitless scalability. The great thing as a small business owner it provides an easy to use the platform, but one which I can continue to use as my business and client requirements grow.
This is a must-have tool!

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We have made this video to make sure you can make a wise and educated decision about purchasing the product. Because at the end of the day you are going to spend your hard-earned money to purchase the product And we want to make sure it’s 100% worth it

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